Publication, Honorary Mention, and Pushcart Nomination: Channel 200

My creative nonfiction piece, “Channel 200,” has been accepted for publication by The Dunes Review, out of Michigan.


Funny story with this publication: upon acceptance, the writers are invited to Traverse City to read their piece for the launch of the journal. Which is cool! I will be there.


What’s funny is that, coincidentally, my dear friend and roommate, Luke, also had his piece, “Spirit Gun,” picked up The Dunes Review, just a few days later – and a few days later than that, my OTHER dear friend and roommate, Maddy, had her poem, “Sirens,” picked up by The Dunes Review! So, we will all be there in Traverse City together, reading, and I think that really is a beautiful thing.

Channel 200 also won me a trip to Lousiville for the Sigma Tau Delta Convention, and ALSO won me $100 and Honorable Mention at the convention ceremony.

Anyway – The Dunes Review is a print journal, but at some point, the journal in which these stories appear should be online. When that happens, I’ll provide the specific link to the issue – but for now, here is a link to The Dunes Review in general, which really is a great publication, and one I’m happy and honored to be a part of.
Big PS:

The Dunes Review has nominated this story for the 2018 Pushcart Prize – which, of course, is an honor above what I ever expected.


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